7 Tips to better photos

7 Tips to better photos

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7 Tips to better photos, Taking better photo with your smartphone by Diego's photography

7 Quick Tips to Better Photos

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7 Tips to better photos
portrait and wedding photographer, based in Atlanta, GA. We offer the best services and quality.Led by industry leading headshot photographer Diego Salcedo , Diego’S Photography Creative Photography is a full service photography studio in Atlanta, GA specializing in MODELING /ACTING HEADSHOTS. Diego Salcedo has earned an unquestionable reputation for providing outstanding portraits and headshots while still offering affordable rates.

The final result is always a reflection of not only his incredible technical abilities but also his ability to connect with a subject and capture an image that radiates with energy and life.
Here’s what to expect: A headshot session with Diego Salcedo is more than a photo session; it is a journey into the self within. Diego’s goal with each and every client is to bring out their Best, the inner magic that sets them apart from the competition.
His unique photography process does not involve acting, posing, or forced smiles; it involves a genuine
and gentle, but creative approach to self discovery that results in pure and raw images, the tools every actor or model needs to sell their talent.
Finally Atlanta GA Diego’s photography also offer a Headshot photography that you will see the transformation of your self like a model

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Maternity Photo Session

Maternity Photo Session

Maternity Photo Session

Maternity Photo Session, a beautiful gift for mom-to-be

Maternity Photo Session, a beautiful gift for mom-to-be,  Is there anything more blessed than becoming a mother? Capture the beauty of pregnancy with maternity photography session at Diego’s Photography.
There is no denial in the understanding of photography skills that only professional experts have and he/she has the magical wand to create flattering images that are not awe-inspiring but also, meaningful.
The idea of maternity photo session is always appealing and the husband-wife portrait wins millions of hearts. With my keen interest in photography techniques, I have learned to experiment all the lessons in view to capture the best shots of a pregnant woman.
A woman feels overjoyed when she gets treated as the most blessed woman in the days of pregnancy. To make your wife feel over the moon the exquisite photo shoot is the most appropriate gift.
At Diego’s Photography, I preferably take works that are unique and impressive Maternity Photo Session, a beautiful gift for mom-to-be.
I love to paint the pictures with the natural and artificial lights. Maternity photo session can be captured at exquisite locations and on studios. Our team work on your preference but with our esteemed experience, spectacular ideas and photography skills.
It’s important to capture a pregnant portrait that should be wonderful, beautiful and amazingly adorable. A better understanding of woman’s postures and flattering images is needed at the time of photo sessions.
With the support of my wife, I create portraits that are filled with emotions and sentiments of a mother-to-be.
The unique thought is to create a wonderful composition of a maternal portrait with deep sentiments and emotions.
My intention to work is to create a long-lasting photographs that will be pass through generations to generations so that every kid of the family remember the pleasant moments
I completely understand that maternity photo session shoots can be intimidating at times. I assure you that Diego’s friendly team will never feel you distressful and annoying.
The sole purpose of our friendly photography team is to make our clients comfortable and enjoyable. We believe in a serenely enjoyable maternity photo session that will create blessful memories for your family, soon-to-be mom and of course, the new kid.
The special time of your life will never be recreated again.
It’s the right time to believe in our unique ideas of maternal photography that produces portraits of a maternal beauty of a wife and the intimidating love relationship of the husband.
Undoubtedly, it’s difficult for an expectant mother to maintain a good posture while photography. We will guide you through every step about how a pregnant woman can look gorgeous and attractive. We work on a number of unique and alluring poses that will make the mommy look absolutely stunning.
Expert photographers work on the understanding to create a portrait that looks more natural and of course, elegant. To create a more natural effect, we tend to add the basic elements of flowers into the photography session.Maternity Photo Session, a beautiful gift for mom-to-be capture the beauty of pregnancy, The special time of your life will never be recreated again

Diego’s Photography studio works on appointments and bookings, don’t wait further and hire us to make your significant time a beautiful memory.


Maternity photo session inAtlanta ga, The best Maternity photo session in location and studio

Happy Summers

Happy Summers

Happy Summers

My son expects me to fly over the roof just like SuperMan and show my magical powers to save the planet! He wants me to act like a “Hero” and I love it. Just like every other “CRAZY” father, it seems difficult for me to balance the hectic life and abide to my child wishes. But this is what we (fathers) love to do with affection!
Here’s an exclusive “FATHER KID LOVE SESSION” for the first time ever!
Were you planning to create an everlasting gallery with your father or kids? This is the chance to click wonderful pictures with Dad and get the photos sticked to your art wall!.Happy Summers
How about bringing GrandPa, Dad, and the kids together in the portraits? Isn’t the idea of Father Kid Love Session amazing?
If you want me to merge a Mother Kid Session and a Father Kid Session in summer, I can do that too. Summer is just around the corner and we can already feel the warmth. The busy season is approaching and I will be occupied too. Before it’s too late, book a session now!
I will be bringing something fantastic for the Mommies too in the coming days. Stay tuned for more sessions that will WOW you! Happy Summers
Father Day, Summer Father Photo Session,Happy summers


How about a creative Photography session this Summer? I would absolutely LOVE to capture your shots!
Is your little boy a huge fan of soccer? Lets do a session at a playground where your champ dresses in the player costume.
Does your girl love the nature and Is she a flower child? I have a fantastic idea to capture the beautiful shots.Let’s find a gorgeous outfit and plan a session in the forest. Your little fairy standing beside an overjoyed tree makes a perfect shot.

Is your kid enamored with ice creams or a chocolate bar or even noodles? We can design a photo shoot in view to capture their obsession with yummy eatables.
Do you love taking your family on a walk or hiking? I can make your afternoon hike much memorable with a bunch of photos with my distinctive ideas.
Are your kids more attached with their grandparents? Your little champ goes on a morning walk with the GrandPa or Your sweetie loves reading stories with her GrandMa in a garden, blossomed with fresh flowers. Maybe your mother is watering plants and the little boy does the same.

all about your family, father day , summer photo session,Happy summers

Father day, summer father with kids photo session, father,Happy summers

With a click, you can relish the adorable moments of your children for the lifetime. All the childish acts or naughtiness make up the essential element of the family life and I can save those minutes for you.
Nothing is more special than the moments, and I need your help in making your Summers an amazing one!
Do not let the charming moments flee away without keeping an amazing photo gallery 😉 Happy Summers
I KNOW Summers this is a busy time but before we know it summer will be here and then suddenly! WOW…
Booking early secures your spot on my calendar – especially a weekend spot as those are limited! HANG IN THERE!



Learn  Play With Light

Learn Play With Light

Learn to Play With Light, for Planning Great Portraits

Learn Play With Light for Planning Great Portraits. Portrait Photography has been around since almost the birth of Photography itself. In early days sensitivities were slow and needed people to stay still for a period of time to get the Portrait done. It was obviously a shorter time than with painting but still required posing and planning. Portraits are great to do because even though they are very abundant, you can still find innovative ways in which many photographers are achieving portraiture, and when doing portraits as well.
One of the most important parts of General Photography is the workflow, and Portrait, being such a huge branch of Photography, is not an exception. Every photographer has a workflow that will scope between planning and creative improvisation, but planning should always be welded to every photographer’s workflow. Portraits can be posed or candid, they can be done to strangers, or to clients. But the common element here is lighting. You’ll almost always have available natural light natural that can be aided by artificial light. And here comes the main point of this personal opinion of mine, you should plan light, and everything will result GREAT.LLearn Play With Light I love to do light scripts before any kind of portrait project, and this little fella has helped me a lot with this:

http://www.lightingdiagrams.com/Creator Learn Play With Light, For Planning Great Portraits Diego photography-Blog by Diego Salcedo

For me, natural light is the most beautiful of lights, but it’s very difficult to control it, since it goes along with time during the day, and also with weather and the elements. So the help of getting a session done with artificial filling light is crucial for portraits.Learn Play With Light

For understanding light, you don’t need high tech equipment, you just need to play with fixed lights and a small doll to truly understand it. Go back in time to your childhood when you used to play with lights and shadows, is going to be almost the same, and you’ll find that you are pretty good at the understanding light by doing things this way.

When you start to Learn To Play With Light For Planning Great Portraits, you can define all of this variables when playing with light in a previous exercise to the light scripts:

Quantity of light sources

By defining this, you can see the importance of master lights and fill lights. Or in the best cases, natural light and artificial light aiding.Learn to Play With Light, For Planning Great Portraits diegosphotography-Blog by Diego Salcedo



 You can determine the effects on the mood, by increasing or decreasing the intensity of your light source, it’s important to have at least one light source that allows you to do this.Learn to Play With Light, For Planning Great Portraits Diego photography-Blog by Diego Salcedo



Light can be warm or cool, the temperature of light goes in accordance with white balance and Kelvin degrees.1 Learn to Play With Light,For Planning Great Portraits Diego photography-Blog by Diego Salcedo


Fine Art photography by Diego Salcedo at Diego’s PhotographyLEARN TO PLAY WITH LIGHT FOR PLANNING GREAT PORTRAIT


 You can appreciate the effects of the light source by moving it close or far from your prop or light test doll, o like this case using a beautiful model.Learn to Play With Light, For Planning Great Portraits Diego photography-Blog by Diego Salcedo


Kids photography by Diego Salcedo at Diego’s Photography.LEARN TO PLAY WITH LIGHT FOR PLANNING GREAT PORTRAITS

Learn to play with Light for Planning Great Portraits


This is the direction in which the light beam baths the subject. 


Portrait photography by Diego Salcedo at Diego’s PhotographyLEARN TO PLAY WITH LIGHT FOR PLANNING GREAT PORTRAITS

Go back to the time where you used to play and be fascinated by small things, and you’ll see how great is to understand light in this practical and humble form.Learn To Play With Light, For Planning Great Portraits

Diego Salcedo

Learn To Play With Light For Planning Great Portraits

1 http://www.macroplusintl.com/LEDLight/LED_Color_files/pasted-graphic-1.jpg

Diego’s Photography

Diego’s Photography

Diego’s Photography 

Diego’s Photography. Hello and thank you for your interest in Diego’s Photography.
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce my services as a photographer and company Diego´S Photography.
My name is Diego,I am a highly organized and motivated professional photographer with a wealth of experience in a range of photographic styles and services, including creative photography, headshot photography, travel photography, lifestyle photography, weddings and engagement, Family Portrait including Baby/Kids and Maternity, fine art photography, Modeling and Acting Portfolio, and more

For the past two years, I have been working as a freelance photographer, working on a wide range of projects for advertisers, real estate agencies, publishers and individual clients.
I have a great deal of experience in retouching, editing and uploading photographs for online publishing, as well as preparing photographs for print production. Diego’s Photography

I pride myself on my ability to make the most of every photo, to be creative and resourceful in my approach and to have a keen eye for lighting and detail. I am well accustomed to working to tight deadlines and working multiple jobs at once.

Here at Diego’s Photography, we make it our mission to provide the best service to every single client or potential client that walks through the door, sends us an email or calls us on the phone. We’ve been operating at Vining/Smyrna in Atlanta GA since 2015 and it’s been an amazing almost two years.

Diego’s Photography has a team of one photographer and an additional one assistant. Each person that works at Diego’s Photography is vetted not just for his or her amazing camera skills, but for their personalities, too. You’ll find we’re full of happy-go-Blessed people who 100% love the work they do. Diego’s Photography


If you would like more information on our studio or services, please click here.


Diego’s Photography